Focus on yourself, you’re the greatest investment.”


Who are we?

Our mission is to help girls believe in their legacy, believe in their dreams, self-improvement and the moral support they’ve been lacking.

Why focus on girls ?

Empowering other girls to become a better version of themselves. By supporting other girl we can effect change. To feel more confident, to believe in their own power, and to feel more equipped in taking on new challenges.

Our purpose

Gender equality is the state where both men and women accomplish the same rights and opportunities that is not affected regardless of gender. Including job positions, becoming financially free and bread winners, decision makings, and valuing themselves more!

Girlstrepreneur is not, creating any form of greater gender equality or discrimination against the opposite sex. Our purpose is to help the development of women and girls to find their full potential in society. Keeping the world at balance is of great priority.

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